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New Salsa Begginers Group Begins

Tuesday, 21 May at 7pm. 



(4 consecutive weeks)

$39.99 per person

$59.99 per couple (Leader and Follower)


Registration $10 per person only the first time.


Reserve with one of the following options: 

  • ATH MOBILE at 7874630994 

  • Debit or credit card

  • PayPal



Don't forget to include the $10 registration fee. Price per person. For more information call us at (787)367-5990/(787)463-0994. Book now!

Add the Registration

Only the first time for life


Payments are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend your classes, the student will be granted a credit for a future occasion as long as you have not attended any class or passed the expiration date since the date of your purchase. Group classes are not cumulative. It's 4 consecutive weeks. It is a safety requirement to enter the room with tennis shoes or appropriate dance shoes. The purchase does not include the $2 dance shoe rental available at our facilities. By making the purchase, the student acknowledges that they are taking the classes under their own consent and that although we take all safety precautions, participating in dance classes or activities may result in injury, accident or illness. The student will not hold Your Style Academy responsible for any injury including: scratches, bumps, bruises, cuts, tears, fractures, contusions, contagion of disease or any type of injury. damage/loss to personal property, which may occur in or around before, during or after classes.​

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